Social Innovation Partnership Program (SIPP)

About Us

Our Mission

Socializing Innovation with Ease

At SIPP we believe in simplicity, that is why our solutions are easy to adapt, develop and grow.

We are problem solvers, achievers, activators, innovators, that deliberately seeks to understand our clients needs, business states and competition to design solutions that puts them far ahead of their competitions. Our business serves to “INNOVATE WITH EASE”

 SIPP’s network of services represents what we stand for and we believe in CHARACTER in our people, because our people represent our brand.


We socialize innovation with ease, that is why our promise is to find, develop and deliver solution is always at the top our lists. We are dedicated to and will do everything we can to create exceptional solutions to address clients and customer needs that will enhance social and business values to scale for our clients.

Our goal

To create a shared value between social and economic gains through systematic collaboration with an undivided focus on providing trusted, high-quality and excellent customer satisfaction at all level of our process life cycle.

Our Commitment to Services

Our services includes developing strategic frameworks, conceptualizing and developing ideas to fruition and partnering with private, non profits and government organizations to enhance community based safety through provision and improvements of work conditions, education, health and community developments projects.

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